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About us

We are a publication owned and governed by the readers and the writers as a cooperative.

Here are our three key principles:

  1. We seek to advocate for ideas, not making personal attacks. We want to inform, not infuriate. Due to our system of collecting revenue through membership fees, not ads, we do not have the incentive to make click-bait.

  2. We seek to create consensus, not controversy. There are big ideas that can bring together people who otherwise disagree. If people from many very different perspectives conclude that an idea has merit, it is often a sign of great idea. We are not here to preach to the choir.

  3. We seek to revitalise democracy beyond just the state. Elections in trade unions and co-operatives, such as credit unions, are democratic mechanisms that are under-utilised due to media neglect. We are here to change that.

Provocation, personal criticism and controversy has its place. But this publication is not it. We do not believe our approach is the only correct one – just that there is lack of it in the media.

Consider joining us. If you a reader, you become a member by paying a £3/month membership fee. If you are a writer, you become a member if you have written 2 articles in the last 3 months, or 4 articles in the last 12 months.

We adhere to all the 7 co-operative principles, and think the Principle 6 of cooperation between cooperatives is especially important. That is why:

  • Instead of Patreon, we use a similar service called Open Collective, hosted by Platform6 Co-op. Instead of paying 7% to Patreon shareholders, we pay 2% to Platform6 Co-op, which uses the money to develop new cooperatives. Anyone can join Platform6 for £5/month and vote on how the funds are used. Joining Platform6 is not required for Mutual Interest members who pay through our Open Collective.
  • We are hosted by Web-architects Co-operative. We are also a client-member of Webarchitect Co-operative, which means we co-own it and are allowed to vote in their board elections.
  • We use Loomio to make our decisions. Loomio is a tool for democratic decision making for online groups, developed and hosted by a cooperative.

If there are other co-operatives or similar projects that could provide us with opportunities for collaboration, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Last modified: April 16, 2020

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