Become a founding member – Decide democratically how funds are distributed monthly. Elect the board annually. Join now for 3£/month.

We want to create a new media – one with no conflict of interest between those who own the publication and those who read and write to it. That is why we are a co-operative democratically owned by the readers and the writers.

  • Readers can join by paying a 3£/month membership here.
  • Writers who have written more than 4 articles in the last 12 months also become members. If you want to pitch an article, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Those who join within early will become “Founding Members” and will be able to have their name listed in our founding document.

How will the money be used and how are decisions made?

Members distribute 20 points between their favourite articles each month.

  • 45% of funds are distributed to the writers according to how many points their articles receive.
  • 45% of the funds are distributed equally to writers according to how many articles they have written.
  • 5% of the funds are saved.
  • 5% of the funds are used to fund the editorial team. You will also be able to stand and vote in the elections of board of directors. The board nominates the editorial team.

To make decisions we have a Loomio group. Loomio is a tool developed by a New Zealand worker cooperative.

To collect membership fees we use Open Collective, a Patreon alternative hosted by Platform6 cooperative.

Our website is hosted by the Web-architects Cooperative.